• Modular stands

    Modular stands

    The modular stands is the basic stand which is also the most economical. The whole structure is assembled using exclusive octagonal sections, manufactured in highly resistant aluminium with a silver coloured anodised finish. The walls or panels are made of white melamine wood. A front panel is installed for the name or brand that the [...]

  • Mixed stand

    Mixed stand

    The mixed stand is a basic modular system is used to build the structure of the stand, which is then dressed with panelling in different materials and finishes. This makes it possible to create very striking shapes and spaces and adapt numerous accessories, whether standard or special ones. The system offers diverse possibilities: offices, storage, [...]

  • Design


    The Design stand is without doubt, this is the best way of transmitting the image of a brand or product. The project is undertaken both in accordance with the requirements for the interior space and with the products that are to be exhibited. As regards decoration we can offer numerous possibilities, including adapting it to [...]

  • Transparent pavilions

    Transparent pavilions

    The transparent pavilions are made by means of applying special welds at high frequencies, we can produce roofs and walls in transparent materials for our aluminium structures, turning the Marquees into three-dimensional spaces that allow them to be decorated spectacularly. A transparent marquee, installed in the right surroundings, instantly produces a change in dimension for [...]

  • Pavilion Tents

    Pavilion Tents

    The pavilion tents roof is formed by the waters of the semi-curved roof. The most common measurements are 8, 10, 12 and 15 metres in width (the portico) with the length being extendable in 5m modules. For special assemblies, it is possible to reach widths of up to fifty metres by the required length, in [...]

  • Jaima Tents

    Jaima Tents

    Jaima tents are the most practical as they can be joined together. The basic measurements are: 4 x 3, 4 x 4 – 5 x 4 – 5 x 5 – 10 x 10 m. However, other measurements can be ordered. This type of marquee is undoubtedly the most requested due to its versatility and [...]

  • Hexagonal tents

    Hexagonal tents

    The Hexagonal tents is a new concept of marquee, which makes it possible to create a “hall” at the entrance to pavilion Marquees. They can also be used independently as kiosks, entertainment stands, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, etc. As with pavilion Marquees, different finishes are available.

  • Fold-down tents

    Fold-down tents

    The fold-down tents are very economical and are ideal for short events. They can be transported and put up by the client and can be joined together. They consist of a structure with telescopic feet and a fold-down roof and are built of anodised aluminium sections measuring 40 x 40 mm. Two different roof types [...]

  • Curved tents

    Curved tents

    The courved tents comes in modules of 2 x 3m in depth and can be joined together to achieve the required measurement. They are normally assembled with the roof and back part in transparent material. They are also often used to create “tunnel” Marquees to link two or more zones. Curved Marquees include wood laminate [...]